Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MHE- Himalyan Adventure Introduction

Mercury Himalayan Explorations Ltd. (MHE) was founded in 1982 by the legendary Indian mountaineer of Everest fame, Col. N. Kumar in partnership with Mercury Travels and the Oberoi Group of Hotels. Today, MHE offers the largest trekking and adventure travel network in the Indian sub-continent. From Ladakh trekking to high altitude safaris, from Himalayan mountaineering expeditions to white water rafting down the Holy Ganges, MHE specializes in a variety of adventure sports in India .

MHE has a number of firsts to its credit in the field of adventure travel in the Indian Himalayas.

* Himalayan Trekking

MHE was the first to organize trekking expeditions into the Spiti valley. The Nanda Devi Inner Sanctuary, the Siachen Glacier and the Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

* Rafting

Akshay Kumar of MHE led the first rafting descent of the mighty Brahmaputra (Tsang Po) in Arunachal Pradesh - an epic adventure that was filmed by the BBC! Other rafting first descents include the Upper Teesta, Upper Indus, Nubra, Narmada and Suru.

* Off road Safari's

MHE organized the first ever Isuzu Challenge off road jeep safari in the Ladakh and Garhwal Himalayas and opened new off road destinations for the first time ever. MHE also organized the first ever ATV Quad expedition into Ladakh.

The founder of MHE, Col. Kumar, affectionately known as 'Bull', is an internationally renowned mountaineer of legendary fame. Bull is today the most highly-decorated mountaineer in India. Since the start of his career, Bull has successfully led mountaineering expeditions to the highest peaks of Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Garhwal, Kashmir and Eastern Karakoram. Out of the 13 highest peaks above 24,000 ft. climbed by Indians, nine have been climbed under his leadership.

Col. Kumar became the first Indian and the 9th in the world to reach the height of 28,300 ft at Mount Everest in 1960. On his second Everest expedition as deputy leader in 1965, his team made a world record by putting 9 people on the summit. Col. Kumar's other world record ascents include the first ascent of North Eastern Spur of Kanchenjunga, the first Indian ascent of Nanda Devi and the first ever traverse of the Siachen Glacier.

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