Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adventure in Summer Vacation

Looking for some nice adventure this vacation? You can of course go in for some routine hill station holiday, relax at some resort or explore some beaches. Or even better!

If you are the adventurous kinds and love to take on challenges, then why not go in for a Safari Adventure?

Most agencies today offer a variety of activities for an adventure holiday, such as:

Off-Roading: This activity typically involves the use of 4x4 SUV’s that are tough enough to travel through all kinds of terrains, such as deserts, swamps, snowy areas, hilly areas. This activity obviously requires exceptional driving skills, and most importantly, a spirit to take on challenges. Off-roading can include activities such as dune bashing, mudding, rock crawling, etc.

Elephant Safaris: An elephant is the best medium to explore wildlife sanctuaries and natural parks, as they can negotiate through the roughest terrains that even a jeep cannot. India and many countries in Africa can provide you with the ideal elephant safari experience.

Camel Safaris: Camels have been the preferred mode of transport in desert areas since thousands of years. So if you plan a holiday to a desert area in a country like India or Egypt, you can always try your hand at Camel Safari.

Mountain Biking: There is a huge variety of specialised road bikes available for a mountain biking experience. In most cases, the adventure company provides you the bike on rent. However ensure to remain under supervision unless you are already a veteran in this activity.

Self-drive Safaris: In case you are already a seasoned safari adventurer and have your own SUV, then you can also consider a self-drive safari. The best part is that you don’t have any interference and plan your adventure the way you want to. However, do ensure to keep a medical emergency number in handy and carry all essential medical-aid equipment.

Jack Albert is a dedicated writer, writes for MHE, which provides trekking india and jeep safaris in India